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According to a recent investigation, the so-called fact-checking organization is actually a front for the CIA.According to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, Snopes was formed by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to spread disinformation on the internet, and stifle subversive outlets.[…] The Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V is responsible for the content of this website, all legal issues have to be addressed to Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation e V Germany. Due to a hack on our sites we cannot retrieve the origin of some articles used on this website. Articles are also from our friends, colleagues and fellow freedom fighters like: org, The Prez and Kim look like a couple of characters out of a 1949 Warner Brothers Loony Tune.It’s almost enough to make you forget this is serious business.

The Left shrieked about ethnic “profiling.” Yes, that’s exactly what it was. Because a lot of Islamic maniacs are blowing things up, shooting up joints, and plowing trucks into folks around the world, including This Land is Your Land. We’re not going to replay the industrial age in North America, and we’re for sure not going to return to the life-ways of 1962.

The results of a study have determined that patients with cardiovascular disease who walked faster are hospitalized less.

The three-year study, which was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, involved 1,078 participants with hypertension– at least 85 percent of the individuals were also diagnosed […] 🔊 Listen to Article By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze A recent study published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, on May 6, 2018, entitled, “Low-grade inflammation decreases emotion recognition – Evidence from the vaccination model of inflammation” has demonstrated yet another danger of vaccination in how it relates to the brain.

That said, there was a fair degree of opposition to the Nazis, for example, conservative German royalists like Canaris, and similarly people in the German landowning class, that despised Hitler and the Nazis and conspired to get rid of Hitler.

But THAT said, German conservatives, including those that bemoaned the loss of Kaiser Bill to exile, weren’t exactly pacifists.

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There he is, our president, both immovable object and irresistible force, unsmiling with slitty eyes beneath that car-hood of a hair-doo, lumbering from one presidential prerogative to the next through squalls of opprobrium, perplexing leaders from foreign lands, punking congressmen and senators, inducing swoons of un-safeness among the s to mouth-foaming hysterics, tweeting any old thing that flies through the interstices of his brain-pan, our Golden Golem of Greatness, MAGA sword in smallish hand against a swirling red sky. I thought the fucker would be sandbagged by a claque of Pentagon patriots inside of three months, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong.