Atreian atlas not updating accommodating religious practices

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Atreian atlas not updating

As a bonus, players who purchase them will also be awarded extra items; what the items are and how many you get depends on the size of the C. This system takes into account a player's character and playstyle to personalize a path through the game.

Trail-blazing Have you decided to take the plunge into Atreia but you don't know where to direct yourself once inside? Described as an "always on, benevolent, veteran gamer willing to help players," this new in-game guide resembles a personal trainer, offering a customized gaming plan for Daevas.

By keeping track of where players have already been, the Atreian Atlas will be able to map out a personal program detailing upcoming challenges to help Daevas get the most out of their gaming. If you think you've got what it takes, grab a screenshot of your character in action and enter it in the contest. is looking for its next hero to inspire the incoming troops. Bonus: My hero Want to be immortalized, your visage splashed across the website and launcher? ) from the newly renamed store, the Black Cloud Marketplace, and fill it with their personal selection of goodies. Information on bosses will also be included to help Daevas be prepared.

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