Business dating home mlm opportunity work

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Business dating  home mlm opportunity work

People ask me all of the time how much I made my first month in the business. I don't know because I still get paid each and every month on the efforts I put into that very first month."DUPLICATION AND GEOMETRIC GROWTH.Another exciting concept, and probably the most exciting concept! This is a good illustration to get you thinking about the power of this geometric growth. Duplicating yourself means teaching someone else to do what you do.A good analogy that you are already familiar with is the franchising industry.In franchising, the franchisee, or one who purchases the rights to do business using a well-known business name such as Mc Donald's, pays a royalty fee every month to the franchiser, or parent company. The parent company, or Mc Donald's, has incredible time leverage.By the end of the first month, you have forty hours each week working on your behalf. In network marketing, we are paid for opening "outlets" and teaching those "outlets" to be successful.

Well, despite the way things usually are, the idea behind what is now the fastest growing home based business trend in America and around the world, Network Marketing, is that if you get paid for recommending things you like, use and believe in, you'll do this more and more!

If you and Mike each bring in a new partner, who each commit to five hours, you will soon be benefiting from 20 hours per week.

Remember, your actual time involvement is only five hours each week.

If they have 5,000 stores, each open 18 hours a day, 90,000 hours are worked daily on their behalf.

The concept works in much the same way with our business system, except you don't have to pay a royalty fee each month!

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Before launching Engage Global, Golly was President of Global Sales at Trivani.

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