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Allison of Allie Cat Cosplay is a Georgia based Cosplayer who started her journey in 2010, creating over 40 Cosplay Costumes, and earning Best in Show cosplay awards in several competitions.

She is best known for her Armor builds, passion for makeup, and adorning animal ears whenever possible.

Allegriana currently attends events as a promotional model, guest speaker, costume contest judge, and workshop host, and has won several costume and prop contests.

She continues to model, creating artwork and prints from her photoshoots, and has appeared in books, video skits, event trailers, ads, and paintings. You can follow Allegriana on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can find more of His works on Facebook and Instagram.

Adam Bryce Thomas is a comic artist who has pencilled for Archie Comics' Sonic Universe, most recently collaborating with Sega on promotional material for the video game Sonic Forces.

Allie Cat has become a model cosplayer by using her platform to promote Body Positivity, Race Equality, respect for the Arts, and general well being for the cosplay community itself.

Her upbeat personality and genuine desire to share the knowledge she acquired through her time as a cosplayer has accumulated a genuine following as a personality.

AKIOBOY (ah-key-oh-boy) came about when a friend jokingly called Ronnie Moore Jr.(artist/founder) a "man-child" because of the characters he doodled all the time.With that in mind, Ronnie found it comical to name the brand based on that joke.Alex Ogle is a visual storyteller and freelance artist.Currently illustrating "The Godfather Gang" a graphic novel to be published by Regan Arts.

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Based out of Huntsville Alabama, aka Rocket City USA, Wayne spends his days designing, building, and testing rocket systems and his evenings blending science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to push the limits on cosplay and robotics.