Dating in the dark jimmy

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Jesse was a goofy skater boy type who showed intellect wasn’t one of his qualities, as he didn’t know what an orchestra is.

First the group date where all six of them are in the dark room with each other making banal conversation.

JP and Kahli the most superficial of the bunch started having doubts when they saw each other.

Cute Jimmy made a strategic mistake and sent in a bible, which made his favourite party girl Raelene lose her ardour. Jesse invited Kahli, and he reckoned he can make any topic interesting giving an example of poo on the ground. Jesse’s and Ashleigh’s date went better as they found they had some things in common.By the way I thought Jesse looked a bit weird when in the dark room. The other girls queried whether you could be, Raelene seriously nodded and said “you can be”.The next step was another one-on-one date, however this time it was more hands on.Ashleigh played the cello to Jesse which he thought was “f**king awesome”, she then gave him a quick tutorial. Kahli who moaned earlier about boys thinking she was a bimbo wore super slinky dress and did the the Pamela Anderson hair touch when the light was on her.Jimmy thought Raelene was cute and she said he had the looks she liked but was still unsure about the religious aspect.

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