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I recently starting dating somebody new, who I feel is a better fit for me and I will be happier with, but there are times where I feel like I miss my ex.I don't lose sleep over it and I'm happy when I'm talking to/with the new girl I'm dating, but sometimes I do wonder what she's doing.I am happy, however, that we tried dating because as cliche as it sounds I discovered what I want in a partner.A lot of what I didn't like about her is that she doesn't seem to love and accept herself.Someone told me a piece of advice that has been instrumental in my relationships It will take half as long as the relationship lasted to get over someone.So if you were dating for 2 years it will take approximately 1 year to be fully over them. Fortunately, didn't date nearly that long so I won't be "dwelling" about breaking up for quite so long.

We go years without talking then one of us pops into the others life.... So to put it in 'Ask Men terms' I was bit of a challenge.

An absolutely terrible sentence I heard just recently: "D' Mnner liebet's." Old fart that I am, I'd say, "D' Mane hend's grn" (Men like it). It's like the nonsense you sometimes hear when politicians and the like give a speech in Swiss German reading off a paper where it was composed in High German (because Swiss German is written only by youngsters who are trying to hide the fact that they suck at spelling).

There you hear things like "Heruusforderig" (challenge, from Standard German "Herausforderung", but "Useforderig" in decent Swiss German).

I think a smart part of it is the fact that I'm probably going to wonder what would have happened between her and I had I not relocated for graduate school and had to try to make a long distance relationship work.

As soon as you approach a woman or group of people you don’t know, they think two things: 1. Read More With a holiday weekend coming up for many of our readers, it’s a good time to revisit tips on how to cook for a woman.

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I think once I go back to school I'll won't miss her as much cause I'll have school to occupy my time and "distract" me.

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