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Dating remued pottery

His father Thomas was a friend and neighbour of John Campbell.

Hawkins grew up in Poole, England, and trained as a decorator of pottery before emigrating to Australia.

They came in countless colours and finishes and many were made by our leading artists and ceramicists. But the glory day of the Australian Studio Art ramekin is well and truly over. Also, please note If it aint got a handle, it's just a bowl. Georges road at that time, was a large clay pit, virtually next door to the pottery.

The business continued through until the end of 1955 when the firm closed."Remued" wares are recognisable by their drip-glazes, use of gum leaves and gumnuts for decoration, twig-like handles on jugs, vases and bowls, and applied decoration featuring grapevines, koalas and other animals. Ii) A Wembley Ware encrusted flower vase mid 20th century.They all lived together at 49 Victoria Street East Brunswick, just up the road from the pottery.Premier's earlier work reflects the influence of English potteries, due to Hawkin's background and training, and utilized underglazes and coloured glazes imported from Britain.Dee was very good at throwing and produced all the early pottery.His work was mostly for commercial purposes and the few pieces on which he signed his own name were made for use of his own family.

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Sadly Dee passed away in 1934, five years after Premier Pottery opened and was not present to see the future successes of the business.