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I had production ideas and went to my go-to producer and he made everything that I wanted it to be come true which is awesome.It’s such a monumental song in history and the lyrics written by his wife June Carter are so powerful; I wanted to bring a more emotional [and] darker side of the song to life. I made it a month ago and we just made it in one day, we couldn’t get a studio one day so we did the mixing in my car while I drove around!This was the most notes worthy music album of G-Eazy, which became the number one album on US Billboard 200.He has recently release a song with Britney Spears in July 2016.I don’t even really know, I realized after I put it out that “wow, people could have really hated that I took Johnny Cash’s song and just did the complete opposite.” Obviously, my personal style is not horns and country guitar-ish stuff with background vocals.It was obvious from the get-go that I was going to do something different but then I just wanted to shock people a little bit, I wanted to grab peoples’ attention.

I knew I loved singing since I was three or four but in college I was a Music major so I was singing Opera in Italian and German and all of these languages and that was new to me! He was like “I know how you can make money after college, you can write me a song!It’s so easy to cover a song to do it the same and sing it similarly, [is even in the same key as the original so I wanted to make sure it was different enough that it would grab peoples attention and make them listen and make them feel something different then they already felt from the song before. It’s been interesting for me with both of them, they’ve given me feedback on my music and given me ideas—especially in this instance, covering the song in the first place!I’ve been with them for so long that all of our sounds kinda grew together and all of us work really well together.About a year ago one of my friends who I’ve worked with a lot—G Eazy—he suggested that I cover that song, he’s obviously a huge Johnny Cash fan and within the last month or two remembered that he had suggested that.One of my managers asked me if there was a cover I’d like to do and so I was like “Oh yeah!

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It is easily one of the best covers I’ve ever heard!