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English history georgian era dating

The Tories having lent their support to the rebellion were tarred traitors along with the Jacobite leaders.A sorry state of affairs and one that ensured the Whigs were firmly established in power by 1715.In London, daily and weekly newspapers flourished and provincial towns nearly all had a weekly paper.Public opinion was informed and swayed by the writings of these journalists.The Regency lasted until George III’s death in 1820 when the Regent became King George IV and was able to rule in his own right.The Regency period is epitomised by the Regent himself.The period is sometimes referred to as ‘The House of Hanover’.

Conspicuous consumption amongst the richest people in Georgian Britain, heralded a wave of architects and designers, whose names we know today, Sir Christopher Wren, Capability Brown, Wedgewood, Chippendale, the list is endless.The Georgian period in Britain, when Britain was ruled by a dynasty originating in Hanover Germany.Use the timeline, latest articles and images to discover more about this extraordinary period, in which a new Britain emerged, the workshop of the world, during which, trade, wealth and Empire developed.The Georgian period, left us a legacy of Georgian literature and Georgian architecture that we interact with on a daily basis.We walk past splendid doorways, sweeping stairs that tumble onto the streets and elegant, perfectly symmetrically facades.

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The playing out of politics during the Hanoverian period was a defining one in terms of British politics.

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