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Formalizing dynamic software updating

By using cryptographic and other security mechanisms, we can secure many algorithmically specifiable relationships from breach by principals, and from eavesdropping or malicious interference by third parties, up to considerations of time, user interface, and completeness of the algorithmic specification.This article discusses protocols with application in important contracting areas, including credit, content rights management, payment systems, and contracts with bearer.Smart contracts reduce mental and computational transaction costs imposed by either principals, third parties, or their tools.The contractual phases of search, negotiation, commitment, performance, and adjudication constitute the realm of smart contracts.As another example, consider a hypothetical digital security system for automobiles.The smart contract design strategy suggests that we successively refine security protocols to more fully embed in a property the contractual terms which deal with it.

Over many centuries of cultural evolution has emerged both the concept of contract and principles related to it, encoded into common law.This article covers all phases, with an emphasis on performance.Smart contracts utilize protocols and user interfaces to facilitate all steps of the contracting process.Combining these messages and algorithms makes possible a wide variety of new protocols.These protocols, running on public networks such as the Internet, both challenge and enable us to formalize and secure new kinds of relationships in this new environment, just as contract law, business forms, and accounting controls have long formalized and secured business relationships in the paper-based world.

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