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There have been a number of lawsuits filed against the Miami based cruise lines for burns due to hot decks. Carnival Cruise Line involved an injury to a child, back in 1998, who suffered second degree burns on the soles of his feet when he stepped onto the hot surface of the deck of the Carnival .

In 2016, a Norwegian Cruise Line passenger sustained second-degree burns on the bottom of his feet.

A number of newspapers are reporting that a resident of New York is suing Celebrity Cruises after he scalded his feet on a hot deck on one of its cruise ships several years ago.

The 66 year-old passenger, who apparently suffered from pre-existing neuropathy of his feet, was sailing aboard the when the incident occurred.

He sued Carnival for his physical injuries, as well as for pain, suffering and mental anguish related to the hot deck.

He also alleged that his feet became severely infected due to the poor shipboard medical treatment.

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