Hepatitis c and dating

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Would a prior case of hemmorhoids make the "serious disclosure checklist"? As much as i want to tell my friends the truth, i decided not to. My co-workers knew there was something wrong with me too because of my weight loss and what I like to term as the death mask that we all seem to get.

It was none of their business and I didn't want people feeling sorry for me or asking questions. If I were in the dating world I wouldn't tell until there was a reason to.

And he's a great fella but, like most people, he doesn't know HCV from a hole in the wall, except it sounds like something to avoid.

So yeah, heck, you don't even have HCV, so unless you want to test his character right up front, enjoy your date.

In studies of people diagnosed with acute HCV, rates of spontaneous viral clearance have varied from 14 to 50 percent.

Acute hepatitis C also responds well to antiviral therapy.

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