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"Bobby Moore would be dead under this standard of time limits. Pretty much everybody who's been released or commuted on death row would have already been executed so not only would we have done wrong we wouldn't even know we had." As of now, it's not clear when a decision from Washington might come.We provide the only male-owned upscale executive dating service for men looking for that perfect partner.If Sessions gives the green light to the Lone Star State's application, it will be the first opt-in approval in the more than two decades since the law's inception.For attorneys like Casey Kaplan — who helped free a wrongfully convicted Harris County man, Alfred Dewayne Brown, from death row — that's a chilling possibility.13, 1991, Rhodes entered the home of two brothers while they slept, beat them with a steel bar and a stabbed them with a butcher knife. 31, 1992Years awaiting execution: 25 Texas is seeking to speed up executions with a renewed request to "opt in" to a federal law that would shorten the legal process and limit appeals options for death-sentenced prisoners.Defense attorneys worry it would lead to the execution of innocent people and — if it's applied retroactively, as Texas is requesting — it could end ongoing appeals for a number of death row prisoners and make them eligible for execution dates.Kent Scheidegger, death penalty supporter and legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation touted opt-in as a way to speed up the process."We talk about due process of law — I call this overdue process of law," he said.

The fact that a federal court overturns the judgment doesn't mean that that's a just result." Houston-based capital defense attorney Patrick Mc Cann stressed that federal courts are where many condemned men —including those wrongfully convicted like Anthony Graves, and those deemed too intellectually disabled to execute, like Bobby Moore — have gotten relief. But what's sparking the most concern among defense lawyers is a change that would halve the time attorneys have to file the first part of their federal appeal.Arrived on death row: May 18, 1979 Years awaiting execution: 38Conviction: Beating his wife to death for playing her radio too loudly.Mason hogtied 33-year-old Deborah Ann Mason, put her in the trunk of a car and drove her to Humble where he bludgeoned her with a piece of concrete in January 1991. 12, 1992Conviction: One day after being paroled, Sept."Opt-in would speed up the death penalty treadmill exponentially," said Kathryn Kase, a longtime defense attorney and former executive director of Texas Defender Services.A spokeswoman for the state's attorney general framed the request to the Justice Department as a necessary way to avoid "stressful delays" and cut down on the "excessive costs" of lengthy federal court proceedings.

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If Texas opts in, attorneys would have six months instead of a year to interview witnesses, hire investigators and familiarize themselves with sometimes a decade or more of case files to sift out any possible past lawyering mistakes, suspicion of withheld evidence or proof of actual innocence stuffed away in boxes and boxes of materials.