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Internet dating limerick

These names are not common, but they are certainly interesting!

The people who brought them arrived in Ireland at a time when there was religious persecution of Protestants in Continental Europe, primarily at the hands of the Catholic monarchy of France.

Several places in Ireland bear the trace of the Huguenot presence still in street names, such as D’Olier St in Dublin, and buildings, such as the French Church () in Portarlington.Unlike the Hugenots, the Palatine settlers were farming people, they mostly stayed on the land and for the most part their descendents living in Ireland to-day are still farmers.The Irish Palatine Association are very active in researching and preserving the history of Ireland’s Palatine families.Huge numbers of Protestants fled regions of France and Germany at this time, most to England where there was a sympathetic Protestant king, but a number to Ireland, where they were granted lands by the ruling English.In Merrion Row in Dublin, close to the Shelbourne Hotel on St Stephan’s Green, is a surviving Huguenot graveyard, where more than 200 different surnames are recorded on headstones, giving an indication of just how large the community was at one time.

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At the time Irish tenants were paying rents of thirty five shillings per acre and had little or no right of tenure, so the newcomers were not sympathetically received by all of the local population.