Kanon dating sim

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There's some potential for cute/funny interactions there.I feel like this idea is even more dependent on execution than most, and could be anywhere from really good to terrible depending on how you approach it.Before the dating app Tinder swept the modern dating scene, one of the only examples of gamified wooing was the absurd activity of speed dating.In speed dating, you’re given a limited amount of time to get to know another person, before a klaxon sounds and the next desperate individual shuffles in for your judgement.

The setting and characters are always eerily reminiscent of the player's own high school and classmates, aside from the game's romantic interest (who we can call Essy P. The first half of the game is about romancing Essy P., as encouraged by the other characters, who is eventually revealed as a demon and is banished by a seemingly-random demon hunter.The idea of this thing being manipulative, and goading the player into stuff like destroying a real life "rival" as proof of their love for the sim, sounds like the most interesting approach to me (as a person who admittedly is not into dating sims and probably not your target audience for this).I would recommend getting the specific details of your plot worked out before drafting this, but the idea has potential. is the love interest and likely the only anomaly for the first half of the game.With , Team Lazerbeam triangulates their trifecta of gaming expertise into one, singular bizarre experience.After all, it’s not everyday that my wrestling alter ego “Captain Unstoppable Mewing Master” finds true love.

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