L oreal rouge caresse 301 dating computer dating services

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L oreal rouge caresse 301 dating

Emma showed us her pair last week and I've had a couple of them to try as well. Semi-sheer, semi-glossy and semi-staying put for an hour or two, they deliver pretty much the same experience, except for €11.99.They're lovely alright - and there's no doubt they have L'Oreal Paris' ass kicked into a cocked hat packaging-wise - but I'm not convinced if you can find a matching shade in the Rouge Caresse range that you should shell out for an Addict. And that's a bit of a saving on €31 for the ones Kate Moss is endorsing, eh?This is the sort of shade I can wear everywhere including college 😀 It will suit pale to light-medium skintone but it will definitely wash out the deeper complexions.Texture L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks have a beautiful texture-soft and smooth which is quite hydrating.However, because of the terrible pigmentation and low staying power I find it too pricey.I’d rather buy a Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm which gives a much better color pay off and staying power than spend 500 bucks for a mediocre lipstick.I’m back with another L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick and this time with a pretty coral shade which is rightly named ‘Dating Coral‘ I’m a huge fan of sheer lipsticks hence I ended up picking up 3 of these.Related Posts L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick Swatches L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Rose Mademoiselle Lipstick Review L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Aphrodite Scarlet Lipstick Review The Rouge Caresse lipstick has a flutter of kissable, soft, colour.

The dreamy and ever-so-wearable *Suqqu Global Summer 2018 Nude With Spice Collection (also to be available at Harrods) launches on May 24th and I have swatches of everything; additionally, I've just begun to test the Rife with an usually executed range of warm neutrals, the *Suqqu Global Summer 2018 Nude With Spice Collection (also to be available at Harrods) is packaged in breathtakingly beautiful brown and gold packaging that resonates with the sultry summer months.For lips and tips, the collection boasts two *Flawless Lip Glosses--in the lively orange-red #104 Toubi and spicy beige #105 Mizusuna--and three nail lacquers in massively shiny versions of red, spice and white (also available at Harrods).The glosses are semi-sheer with juice color payoff and plenty of reflection and the nail lacquers will suit a spectrum of skin tones (I, for one, cannot wait to try all three with a bit of a tan, however).Last week, following a full day of finals, I hopped on a red eye and headed to NYC, where I was slated to host a DECORTE event on the newly opened beauty floor of the flagship Saks.From feverishly grading exams to packing enough for a few days across the country, I embarked on my travels sleep deprived but excited.

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