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The target of 6900/7000 did not get reached, because it was getting bought at the lows yesterday.Dear friends, it’s been a long time since I posted a lesson for beginners, please excuse me, I have been overactive with my projects.Thank you for reading my previous educational posts. as the start of this week is really depressing for cryptos as every major coin is suffering at the moment and it's quit hard to just rely on the Technical side of these assets so just keep in mind that the risk is a little high while we try to go long on them, but it's really interesting to know what our technicals has to say ...I was glad to see in the comments that you have learned something that will hopefully help you take better decisions in your trades. First off let me say I am not a fan of Elliott Waves, now I know some traders rely solely on E. but as time goes on and they gain more experience those analysts will eventually come to the same conclusion as I have.Elliott Waves are subjective, I rely on very little wave analysis, I do take it into account, but I never base a trade solely on them. What's up traders, I hope you're all having a good trading week. This analysis is a follow up of my previous analysis (See related ideas for information on this analysis) and I recommend viewing the previous analysis to better understand this new follow up analysis.

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Prices should not exceed 25,000 again until this entire move down is complete and it should fall for a long time.

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