Love hina sim date dating guide

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Love hina sim date dating guide

imo the fact that he saw and interacted her when she was a little girl makes me feel like their future romantic relationship is a little creepy...

I dropped this drama after like the 7th episode or so... The plot is not that bad but the way it's acted out is so tedious and long-winded. I have his full 21 episode, and I love watching them as well. well for those who says its an over rated drama, i think the rating and the international fame of the drama speaks for how good it had been. For a sight you can't say that it's just a dramatic. The turning points of this drama are so interesting. The lead actress is so amazingly funny you forget that you're looking at someone who is acting..when you remember you laugh even more. best dram and only my favorite i finished it in 2days and now repeating every ep. This is the only K-drama which I've watched this over 10 times already and I still get the same emotions and I'll never get tired of it.

And it didn't need to introduce faux symbolism just to add 'depth' and 'meaning' to the story. It's full of creative twists too but it was thoughtfully introduced into the storyline so there are no glaring plot holes and inconsistencies here. I laughed much, and cried much while watching this, best drama i've ever watched❤️ Gianna acting is so great and hilarious kkkk and omo Kim soo hyun stole my heart❤️❤️❤️ lol, i have to join the other commentators who say that they don't get the hype. i watched one episode, and that's usually plenty for me to judge whether i'm going to like a drama or not.

Every single detail was just cohesive until the end. i wanted to like it, but i couldn't enjoy the set up at all. in just ten days i managed to watched it 4 times already .

You will also be entertained because of its multiple genres (sci fi, romance, comedy, action, a bit historical) while still maintaining its clarity and cohesiveness. Can't believe I put this one off to prioritize watching other dramas which were all hype but completely underwhelming like goblin and descendants.

This is clearly the type of drama that pushes boundaries and doesn't confine itself to one theme :) This, by far, is the most engaging, gripping, and entertaining kdrama i've watched. YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH THIS I'M TELLING YOU Y'ALL ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT.

Am not watching this drama before but I listened the ost that sang by sung so kyung and really loved the song, hearing the song and watch The final episode together I don't know why I'm feel so sad.. Have watched this recently as recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed. I don’t know, it really has a great place in my heart. I missed Do Min Joo and Cheon Seong Yi ;'( There's Season 2 of this right? But I loved this drama and thank god she didn't drop her role in this drama. Her role here is pretty much the same as her role in legend of the blue sea, which i also love. Never seen anyone portray a stoic character who, despite the mask of impassivity he puts on, could still convey a great deal of emotion.

I think i'am in blue now cause this drama, I will missed it so much maybe cause I don't repeating to watch drama that I've done again.. I still don’t know if this is my number 1, I still can’t choose between this, and I can hear your voice, and Signal, and Another Miss Oh, Reply 1988, Secret Forest and now While you were sleeping. If Jun Ji Hyun was to act in another romcom ill definitely watch. I mean, how is it that he was able to wear his heart on his sleeve for Cheon Song Yi and put on a pokerface while he's at it?! Love: the beautiful leads, especially Gianna - there's something natural & breathtaking about her beauty in this series, and not forgetting the beautiful sets, beautiful clothing, etc Chemistry: More friendly than romantic compared to the other younger man-older woman leads in "I Can Hear your Voice" and "Faith" Series: the "alien" concept is interesting but the following story-line's so-so Acting: kind of like the acting of the 2nd leads better as Gianna can over-act sometimes and Kim So-Hyun...well, let's just say he's tons better in "The Moon Embracing the Sun" Ending: somehow fell flat with the 20th ep a bit draggy.

For KDrama newbies or for those who are looking for something new to watch, I guarantee you, you haven't seen anything like this. It is a fantasy story so it should have a very happy ending like the legend of the blue sea rather than leave us with a little bit disappointement. Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful houses. The story, characters, romance, comedy everything is so perfect in this drama... Cheon song yi is the best female character i have ever watched nd Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon is LOVE ?? A great fantasy romance especially because of the acting and chemistry of the two main leads. obviously it's a good drama, but not that great as they say. i hope they will be having another set of series or movie.. I LOVED the main leads and their plot was interesting and it made me laugh through many parts of the story. For example after everyone finds out that he is an alien, everyone acts like normal like its very common for any alien to live among us. Yes i am a sucker for happy endings but my favorite kdrama was the moon lovers scarlet heart. I really liked how Jun Ji Hyun dared to play Cheon Song Yi as an over-the-top narcisstic top star and still managed to make her approachable and lovely. I watched it in 2014, and it was my first kdrama that i watched. The only episode I enjoyed was number 14, the others were totally boring. Pay a lot attention to the details, people :) A drama isn't just a story-telling video with people's dialogue in it. Also if somewhere an alien is found, i think the first one to research on it will be NASA. reminds me of lee gak and park ha on rooftop prince.. but min joon able to comeback although he will dissapear unexpectedly.. : D I like the whole package of this drama from the story plot down to the characters. My alternative ending would be this: He lived on earth for 400 years because he did not find that special someone to fall in love with. Gianna Jun - saranghae unnie i recently watched this drama and i loved it. How I wish that there's another new episode to this. She's funny, credible, and it's great when she speaks english. There are some good ideas, but as usual for korean dramas, it's much too drawn out and has lots of filler. From Philippines with love I really love this drama. I really love Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun love team. I hope there will be another drama where they will be the lead cast. They had a pretty good chemistry and both seem compatible with each other. :) This drama will definitely win a lot of awards in all the drama awards (e.g.: 2nd Drama Fever Annual Awards and 2014 SBS Drama Awards)... Yes he met the joseon era girl but she was just a child so he only had friendship feelings for her. i really appreciate romance especially because of the acting and chemistry of the two main leads. I recently went for this drama based on the rating, lets say that rating is not supposed to be your option to choose a drama to watch, you should consider your taste in genre and storyline I didn't like it(this is my point of view). There's a villain in the show, and when he gets taken out, you are rewarded with like 6 episodes of boredom where it focuses completely on the "romance". Im very very happy that i watch this its very beautiful.thats why this became my favorite korean movie..i want to see kim soo hyun i want to hug him..i already watch this ten times but im not contented i want to watch it over and over again.i wish it'll have part i guess its impossible because guinna jun had already married :((...the way favorite part is in episode 16 because thats tha sweetest part that happend i thought hyung min joon will live unni song yi but he didnt andd a veryy happyy ending SARANGHE DO MIN JOON :* im very impressed, im so inspired the moment i watched this, i hope this kdrama will having a second part.. Still the best thing i like about this drama was its unique plot. Praying for a Season ll, where he can come back and stay longer every time, till they have grandchildren. Good job, and congratulations to all the people involved in the drama, you've worked hard~ And your hard work has paid off as this drama is a massive hit!

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