Lyfe jennings dating

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Lyfe jennings dating

“It’s always gossip with her.” He went on to say that Karlie was always in messy situations that made him question “Is this someone I really want to introduce my children to? ” Lyfe explains that Karlie pressured him into doing the show and doesn’t want to have this show be his legacy and he feels exploited by Karlie’s opportunism.

Lyfe has a few hilarious stories from his relationship with Karlie, but in short, he leaves us with one statement: “I wouldn’t even give Karlie Redd the D for a long time.

He discusses the pressure women feel to give their sexual selves to men explains how sex changes you as a woman.

In this bonus clip from this week’s episode (Season 4, Episode 11: “On the Road”), Karlie takes a meeting with “Must Be Nice” singer Lyfe Jennings, and things go from professional to personal.

If the starting five not acting, right you always got the bench for back up. Things like #makerherthick2017 or #wastehistime2017 along with all these colloquialisms gotta stop, we can’t be making full course meals out of men and women or comparing them to sports teams.

It’s just not right, sanitary, or healthy and not to mention it’s too stressful to keep up with all these people and terms when you really start feeling that one somebody. How reality comes into conflict with our emotions Lyfe Jennings said it best “Life’s a trip they just want relations they don’t want relationships” and boy! We lived in a sexualized and pornographic time where sex is literally at the tip of our fingertips anywhere we turn.

There’s not a day that goes by when I get on social media or text one of my friends and a conversation, rant, or emotional breakdown about relationships isn’t going on.

What do YOU think about Karlie dating Lyfe Jennings???

Lyfe Jennings was on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith last month, and he was dropping all kinds of dirt on his relationship with Karlie Redd.

Though she shrugs it off as being intimidated by just being in his presence, Lyfe says she seems a bit guarded.

Moving on, Karlie talks about her new record label, Redd Entertainment, and asks Lyfe if he wouldn’t mind being a part of a compilation album she’s cooking up.

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