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But she delivered it with “the same sense of richness” each time, even when the cameras turned on Dustin for his reaction. Unwittingly, Dustin had created a new moment, one that Benton wanted in the scene.“Part of the pleasure she must have taken is showing to Dustin she didn’t need to be slapped,” the director said. As Joanna begins to falter, he goes in for the kill. So, hadn’t she failed at the most important relationship in her life? Dustin had instructed her to look at him when she heard that line. He turned the cameras around and had Meryl act the cross-examination again, and this time he recorded Dustin’s reactions. It was Ted Kramer telling Joanna Kramer, “No, you didn’t fail as a wife.He should look like Meryl: a constant reminder of the absent Joanna. Some of the marketing executives at Columbia thought she wasn’t pretty enough. They thought that she was a character actress,” Richard Fischoff said, describing exactly how Meryl saw herself.But she had her advocates, including Dustin Hoffman and Robert Benton, and that was enough to twist some arms.It was this Meryl Streep—simultaneously grieving and infatuated, a theater actress new to movies—who got word from her agent, Sam Cohn, about a possible role in based on a novel by Avery Corman.Corman wanted to counteract the “toxic rhetoric” he had been hearing from feminists, who he felt lumped all men together as “a whole bunch of bad guys,” he says now.even hit the bookstores, the manuscript fell into the hands of Richard Fischoff, a young film executive who had just accepted a job with the producer Stanley Jaffe.

He has a wife, Joanna, and a little boy named Billy.

As she soaked in the atmosphere—muted traffic noises, chirping birds—she thought about the “dilemma of how to be a woman,” she said later, “how to be a mother, all the gobbledygook about ‘finding yourself.’ ” Most of her friends were actors in their late 20s who didn’t have children, women at their peak career potential, which, paradoxically, was the height of their baby-making potential. To make the story real to Justin, they would tell him only what was happening that day, so he could it, which would inevitably come off as phony.

His direction would be communicated solely through Dustin, as a way of bonding on-screen father and son.

From the beginning, they were an unusual pair: a pellucid 27-year-old beauty just a year out of the Yale School of Drama and a 41-year-old oddball with a forehead as high as a boulder and a penchant for Cuban cigars. Only months after she moved into his Tribeca loft, Cazale was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

When he was cast in the Vietnam epic Meryl joined the film, in part, just to be with him. A few weeks after he died, Meryl’s brother helped her pack up her belongings.

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In preparation, Meryl flipped through magazines such as the kind Joanna might read.