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I moved into a studio apartment in downtown Evanston, Ill., prepared to be overwhelmed by a crushing loneliness. Living alone gets a bad rap in our society -- on top of the loneliness and security fears (if I had a nickel for every time someone asked, "Don't you get scared all by yourself in the big city? well, I'd never have to complain about shouldering the whole Internet bill again) -- there's actually some hard data that solo dwellers may be worse off health-wise.But before you let that news keep you up in bed (alone) at night, consider this: I've found that with the right lifestyle and support network, living alone can be an incredibly positive experience.I'm hardly the first to notice the appeal of being your own roommate -- 31 million people are living alone in the U.We all remember that seminal "Sex and the City" episode where Carrie explains the concept of secret single behavior -- those little things we do when we're all alone that we'd never do around someone else.For me, it's a running back-and-forth chatter with myself.

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And for many years, it was true: my senior year of college, I lived with seven of my closest girlfriends in one house.

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