Padma lakshmi dating david spade chad ocho cinco dating cheryl burke

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Padma lakshmi dating david spade

But he’s not inappropriately old, nor obscenely wealthy. What happened to Teddy Forstmann (the 70 year old billionaire)? While a few photos together and a ride home certainly doesn’t mean the two are dating or even the slightest bit romantically involved, given Spade’s girlfriend catalog, crazier things could happen. Maybe she just goes on “dates” with these dudes for publicity. (Sorry.) The two were seen on the town together recently, so in L. Speak they must be “doing it.” Funny, it was less than a few weeks ago that Padma Lakshmi expressed her deep appreciation and love for long-time companion (yet, not the father of her baby) Teddy Forstmann.

She has been the host of the US reality television program Top Chef since season two.

Through even more inspection, I learned that although she's currently Guns N Rose's DJ Ashba, she used to date David Spade!

The crazy thing is that Spade was dating her when he got former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace pregnant a few years ago!

I think a lot of people are intimidated to use spices and then there's always the spice you have to buy for a recipe that needs a teaspoon and then it sits in your cupboard for six months.

this season, she seems to have heard the rumors that a local First Lady will make a guest-judge appearance, but she won’t reveal too much. I can’t say,” she responded when asked about a Michelle Obama role on the show. The First Lady previously made a prominent appearance on Iron Chef, and has shown serious concern about how Americans, especially American children, eat. The spices we have in Easy Exotic are easy because they're premixed.

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UPDATE, 6/19/10: It should be noted that less than a month, ago, Padma Lakshmi appeared at a benefit for endometriosis, and, in the words of Huff Post Entertainment, "talked about her love for Teddy Forstmann, a long term companion who is not the baby's father." (The father is Adam Dell.) She said of Teddy: , if you still didn't believe it. ) hit up Koi in West Hollywood, but we know little else.