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Posted by / 03-Nov-2017 20:00

Priority mail tracking not updating

On the sixth day I patiently waited for a call I have YET to receive. Im worried my package might be delayed since i mailed it through the express address with priority. USCIS gave two addresses so either way of mailing should have been valid. Not so I could get lectured on what I shoul have done. Sending it through normal mail gets delayed significantly versus those who use express.

I sent mine to the chicago lockbox not the p.o box. Im starting to think there are assholes out there knowing where these packages are going and what they are and making them dissapear. I really hope your package didnt get lost :/Maybe you should call the last place it was? It gets there in one business day and you get tracking information. Even if they did I doubt uscis is open on sundays Why would someone not use Express? It gets there in one business day and you get tracking information. If this makes you feel better, po boxes take a long time to process the applications.I would definitely want my package there as quick as possible no matter what. In fact in all my life i have never had an issue with USPS.I dont know what to tell u, i hope it turns up soon. Box) It got there fine the tracking is kinda off and late but i did see it there.I went through the same thing that you went through. Right now my tracking still shows that it went to sorting facility. My only delivery confirmation was the G1145 text and email that I got from USCIS. USCIS got my package on the 23rd, the day USPS stopped updating their site.I sent mines through USPS and I thought that my package was lost because I sent mines on the 21st and USPS site stopped updating on the 23rd. Im guessing your package was delivered on the 27th.

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In addition, PO Boxes will take about 3 to 4 days to process.