Ray j jaguar dating how to write a dating site profile

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Ray j jaguar dating

Powerhouse wrestlers Alexis and Brenda take on male opponents. Amanda uses her strong legs to defeat her male challenger. Drea uses her longs legs for scissoring on the bed.Strong Gemma uses her large thighs to her advantage.Sara uses her powerful reverse headscissor to submit Dustin EJ has strong legs and scissors Alex into submission.Laci shows improved skill and dominates her opponent.Aimee tries to persuade her boyfriend to wrestle with her. Crystal and Crissa take turns submitting a fan who is overwhelmed by the extreme athleticism of the two female grapplers.Domina Strong shows her amazonic power by crushing James in various scissors holds and facesits. Lora takes on the Tough Stefan in competitive action.Any Re-Production Of These Video Tapes By Any Means Is A Direct Violation Of The U. / International Copyright Law And Is Strictly Prohibited. Mandy T uses the Tarantula hold coupled with strong scissors to prevail. Bodybuilder Jennifer Scarpetta shows her muscles, armwrestles and wrestles one of our volunteers in a hotel room.

Jenna takes on a smaller male and uses her new found jiu-jitsu skills. Jane accepts a challenge from a fan and crushes a watermelon with her scissors. Violetta and Kerri discuss their thoughts on scissors and Sabrina holds her prey captive with her long legs using scissors and Lotus hold.

Gwendolyn and Lexi R take on Bryan in separate matches.

Lexi and Bryan go full force with Lexi victorious via her scissors. Amazons Anjelle and Kyra return to take on separate male opponents. Crystal and Tyra take turns taking on new fan who is of equal weight.

Tallest female wrestler in the world, Isis The Amazon takes on two males. Wenona takes on a male challenger and twists him into a pretzel.

The Dating Game includes 3 hotties who need to prove themselves through their scissor prowess.

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Veve Lane accepts a tough challenge from Vinnie the New Yorker. Tall Francesca takes on a much shorter who gives it all in a fast paced match. European weightlifter Faith shows her strength against Millionaire Zane.

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