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His shaft was shiny wet with her spit, which made her hand glide up and down that meaty pole. Feeling the contractions starting deep in his balls, he could not stop the rush of fluid about to spurt from his cock. Leading him upstairs, she laid down on her back on the bed. Immediately, his gaze went to her barely covered cunt. She rotated her slick palm up and over his head, as she tongued his balls. Kate felt his dick swell and waited for the jets of hot cum to spray the back of her mouth. Opening her robe, she showed him her bra and thong clad body.

Spending a lot of her nights alone, she fantasized about taking one of those young men and teaching him how to pleasure a woman the right way. These thoughts should not be going through his head. Jamie threw the ball, making the basket, which gave Danny possession of it. Taking this time to sneak a covert glance at Kate, he watched as she strained to wash the windshield. Maybe it was the fact that none of the girls his age would put out, or perhaps it was that she was a young man's wet dream. Purposely bending over, she hoped that her ass was plainly visible. Running her fingers over her plump, lightly furred lips, she parted them.

Kate was alone for the weekend, with nothing to do. Her perky nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and her chest was flushed crimson. Using her body as leverage, he pounded the hell out of her.

She spent Friday night primping herself for no other reason than to be doing something. It is too late to be out and about,” Kate said, using her no nonsense mom voice. Going into the kitchen, she asked if he wanted something to drink. Danny's fingers were deep inside her pussy, working their way in and out. Feeling his warm mouth suck her clit deeply, she cried out, loudly. A fine gloss of sweat covered her body, as she rode the waves of pleasure.

Jamie was there for him, having gone through this same upheaval not too long ago.

Kate's husband up and left the family about a year ago for his teen aged secretary. Apparently, men her age wanted the super young starlet type.

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Legs freshly waxed, toe nails polished, and nicely trimmed pubic hair, she felt sexy. Danny was pissed at his Dad, but at the same time, seeing Kate in that robe was making him think those thoughts again. I was gonna go out, only because I was alone tonight. “I told Dad that I was gonna spend the night with Jamie. Agreeing to a coke, he sat on the couch, wondering if this was a good idea. Digging her feet into the mattress, Kate pushed her hips up sharply.

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