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Speak to anybody who’s been there and they’ll agree – if you have any demons lying dormant, boxing training will root them out.

What I find unacceptable is that there are those who seem only to dislike women’s boxing.

My parents, on the other hand, are clearly worried; they have no frame of reference when it comes to any combat sport and are anxious that I might get hurt (my mother said later that she felt a mixture of ‘sheer pride and utter terror’ about the whole thing).

But they are my parents, after all, and will always veer on the side of overprotectiveness, despite assurances that my compulsory headguard and mouth guard really do help shield me (they must be worn in all white-collar and amateur boxing, whereas professionals go without protective headgear).

I have trained either to win, triumphant, or to lose, fair and square.

Now when I’m facing a difficult situation (perhaps when I’m feeling despondent about something, or under pressure to stand my ground), I close my eyes and try to remember the self-belief that I felt just before entering the ring.

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This is where hours of repetitious training, especially the night-time rounds of sparring when already exhausted from earlier hours of exercise, come into their own and save me from meltdown. Apparently not, but I haven’t lost either; at tonight’s event, London Calling, the fights are ‘no contest’ (there are no official winners or losers) and the referee actively discourages knockouts.