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Singles dating 2u com

This smells like what Amber Waves from Boogie Nights would wear, and I mean that in a really good way. Blood red lipstick and midlength black dresses with a deep v neck.It also is very much like it's name, both because it's addictive and it actually does smell like opium smoke, sweet and spicy.

In the opening I get about a minute of overripe bananas, then spice rack, and in somewhere between 15 minutes and half an hour (depending on if I'm writhing around getting all hot and bothered or just sitting at the computer), I can actually detect nuances. It smells of late nights at a desk with a bakelite phone, thick-rimmed glasses and a typewriter, followed by a hedonistic excursion when the sounds of the night outside become too enticing to ignore. It practically lives on the skin, undulating in rich radiant waves of oriental spice and resins. It really makes me stand up straighter, and speak a little louder. Very indolic; sexy but not skanky, like warm, musky skin. Almost the most magical scent for me among the thousands of scents that I've smelt. I am looking to purchase ANY vintage Opium, Youth Dew, Cinnabar or Dior Poison-ALL MUST BE VINTAGE!!! Message me and let me know what you have and asking price. If I should say just one fact about Opium 1977 /the most important one/, I have to mention that this perfume is so invasive and absorbing that it makes you believe this scent has become an integral part of your bloodstream. The version I have is less round and less animalic, very much more incense.Fans of real vintage Opium should track down a vintage bottle of Dana 20 Carats Cologne, which can still be found on ebay- sometimes for decent low prices. I have vintage Opium EDT, plus the recent EDT and a special edition red bottle EDP. I recently talked my BF into getting me a vintage EDT mini (less than ) from ebay, and it arrived a few hours before my day suddenly got really bad.I happily sniffed at it (w/o opening it) many times.I have a bottle from the early 90s, and I am sure it hardly compares to the original,it is a beauty nonetheless.Initially it started with aldehydes, now my bottle has lost much of its top notes.

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It smells just like it did in my childhood and I love it just as much, if not even more. This is a vintage but unique and outstanding perfume.