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“Me and my wives, we’re committed to showing people that polygamy isn’t as scary as they think,” he said.

Just click on the 'Check Out As Guest' or it might actually say 'pay with debit or credit card' as seems to vary just below the Pay Pal login area If you wish to text us before booking our mobile is 07809 709099 and email is We cannot take anyone turning up unbooked to our events as everyone attending has confirmed details with their booking to maintain a safe environment.“The app gives a stimulus for polygamy to be accepted in society and maybe even compelling women to accept it,” said Tunisa, an activist at Women’s Solidarity for Human Rights.Three female users who spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity said they were open to entering into polygamous marriages.The app will resume accepting new members on Thursday, he said.Women’s rights activist Zakia Tunisa said the app was “upsetting and shocking”.

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“A lot of men are looking to engage in polygamous marriages but when they go to regular dating sites or apps they don’t see options that cater for polygamy,” Pranayama said.