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Updating contact pictures on android

Still, it should be pretty clear which icon to tap.

This is the menu where you can edit everything dealing with that particular contact, not just the picture.

If you’re running stock Android, you know the frustration of not having contact photos for most of your contacts. Hang in there and you’ll see the finished product at the end., but what if you’re happy with your contacts app and just want the photos to be added? Hax Sync works by creating a Hax Sync account for each of your contacts and connecting that to the phone contact.

Although many hardware manufacturers’ versions of Android have the option built-in to sync your friends’ Facebook profile photos with their contact photos, stock Android is somehow still missing this feature. Here are three awesome apps that will keep all your contact photos synced with Facebook so you never have to see that little placeholder head again. When scrolling through your contacts, text messages, or receiving a call, no one wants to see this. The photo from the Hax Sync account overrides the placeholder head from the contact.

This is the part where things may vary depending on your handset.

ME has birthday syncing as well, but its standout feature is the “In-Call Experience”, which allows you to scan through a person’s Facebook timeline while you’re on a call with them. You choose two options upon startup: when to sync high-res photos, and if you want to sync all your Facebook friends or just your existing contacts.

There are no levels of matching as there are with Hax Sync, and no manual matching, which means that your only option for manual syncing is to input a user’s Facebook ID into the notes section of their contact. That would take so much time for the average user: tracking down people’s IDs and entering them into the contacts.

Having that default block letter as a contact picture for your favorite contacts in your phone. Your besties, your husband or wife, even your kids. Since all the big ones—Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.—all do their own thing where the dialer is concerned, it may look slightly different depending on what model you’re using. The first thing you’ll want to do is open the dialer (also known as the “Phone” app).

C’mon guys, they deserve better than the first letter of their first name. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do once you get started, because the contacts portion of most dialers isn’t that different. From there, just find the contact you’d like to add/change the picture for.

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This is one of those rare instances where hardware manufacturer skins like Samsung’s Touch Wiz and HTC’s Sense have stock Android beat, but thankfully we have these third-party apps to help level the playing field.