Updating exisiting networks in bottleneck comapnies

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Updating exisiting networks in bottleneck comapnies

"The fact that carriers are moving aggressively toward 4G doesn't negate the need for Wi-Fi, and vice versa," said Niv Hanigal, senior director of product management for Ruckus Wireless, a company that provides Wi-Fi equipment for carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks.

"Wi-Fi is the most cost-effective way to deal with some of their biggest pain points in high density areas, regardless of whether they're deploying 4G or not." A deluge of data Wireless carriers are expected to see mobile data traffic increase 26 times between 20, .

This means that with a single access point, carriers can create Wi-Fi networks that span several city blocks.

Following the recent Q3 report, Musk explained on the earnings call that one of the major production constraints for the Model 3 was that software for two of the four Model 3 battery modules/production zones had to be recreated.

Quoting Musk: “Zone two (of four) in particular, we had a subcontractor, a systems integration subcontractor, that unfortunately really dropped the ball, and we did not realize the degree to which the ball was dropped until quite recently, and this is a very complex manufacturing area.

Second, because Wi-Fi is so inexpensive, the technology has found its way into almost every consumer-electronic product on the market, from TVs to laptops to smartphones.

In fact, almost every smartphone that is being introduced to the market today has Wi-Fi embedded.

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For example, previous versions of Wi-Fi known as 802.11 a, b, or g could provide a maximum of 54Mbps in a given hot spot.