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Updating military uniform

That means a total of 1,780 sexual assaults per year in the Canadian Forces. “It’s a huge problem,” says Alain Gauthier, director-general of operations in the ombudsman’s office of the Canadian Forces.

And the problem touches every level of the military hierarchy: last month, Maj.

Behind every incident, there is a life that gets jolted and starts to unravel, like aftershocks of an earthquake. It’s the way the military machine handles it—or doesn’t. It’s an organization built for war, where the success of the mission comes first.

Although the military claims to be doing everything it can to protect its soldiers, it sometimes still closes its eyes to victims of sexual assault, and even punishes the women who denounce their rapists, rejecting them the very moment they start heading down the spiral of trauma. And it has its own parallel justice system, with its own rules.

David Yurczyszyn was demoted to captain after a military judge found him guilty of sexual assault and drunkenness.

Yurczyszyn was, until last year, a commanding officer at the Canadian Forces base in Wainwright, Alta.

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In June 2007, Lise Gauthier finally submitted a 159-page letter denouncing the totality of the harassment and violence of which she had been victim over the previous three decades. Gauthier can barely contain herself when she reads the words of the commanding officer who received the letter. ] over as long a period, and without any witness to back up your allegations [ . “I was proud of who I was, proud to have served my country, helped the people around me.