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5 The Case of Soho Red- with Sebastian Cabot and Esma Cannon.Stryker investigates The Kataro Marriage Bureau in London.

2 The Case of Uncle Henry- with Elliot Makeham, Edwin Richfield and Desmond Llewelyn.The final pay off was without surprise or drama, and the whole thing lacked the element of style or excitement.Among this cast were Errol John, Lois Maxwell and Catherine Woodville in an early role These were cinema second features made by Republic at Nettlefold Studios in 1953/4.Sentenced to prison for ten years, he escapes from a working party on the moors, determined to bring the killer to justice 8 The Case of The Black Falcon- with Tim Turner, Dorothy Alison, David Perrin, Guy Deghy, Elliot Makeham and Philo Hauser. 9 The Case of the Bogus Count- with Elwyn Brooke-Jones, and Anthony Newley as singer Gerry Barnes, who gets a job at a crooked night club. 10 The Case of The Express Delivery- with Sandra Dorne, a bad time girl who leads astray a once reliable mechanic Wally Ross.11 The Case of Diamond Annie- with Hugh Moxey, and Marjorie Rhodes in the title role.

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Neil Mc Callum played the star around whom the others in his little actors clan orbited.